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Detail of Fetch painting

Rory OBrien is a Sydney artist who works across painting, photography and printmaking. This site features Rory’s latest oil paintings on canvas – pictures that are eclectic and sometimes quirky but always focussed on light and ideas.

There are a couple of series of pictures – latest ongoing group of pictures is called “Drivers seat” – a musing on classic cars and their owners. So a 1969 Dodge Challenger R/T can be “Dodgy”, an EJ Holden sedan can be “Beholden” and a Porsche can be “Posh”. Expect this series to grow over time.

Rory has been taking low light and night photographs for years around the city and beaches, and uses this work as inspiration for a series of pictures called “Night light”. These enigmatic works often catch the play between natural and artificial light at dusk and beyond. The skies are the key to understanding these works and they convey much about the quiet night landscape.

Of course there are some lovely cupcake pictures too, plus a growing range of one-off pictures with a twist. Take a look in the Stockroom at “Skater” or at “Unicorn” and you will get the idea.

In 2018 Rory was a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art show and exhibited at The Other Art Fair Melbourne.

In 2019 Rory is expanding his painting practice and expanding his online presence – posting regularly on Instagram as @roryobrienart. You will also find many of these works showcased on Saatchi Art and on Blue Thumb online art platforms.

Rory has been exhibiting his artwork since 1992, has had many solo shows of his printmaking and photography and has a Bachelor of Art (Visual Art) from Sydney's City Art Institute (now UNSW Art and Design).